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Diane Plese Introduction

Presenting Diane Plese – a gifted doctor as well as the ex of the famous Canadian-Croatian TV character, Robert Herjavec. Their persevering through romantic tale spread over a noteworthy 25 years, enthralling titles and contacting the hearts of innumerable people. Notwithstanding her striking vocation achievements, Diane’s name is frequently connected with her previous spouse. 

Notwithstanding, she has likewise made significant commitments to the field of optometry, acquiring her the applause and acknowledgment she legitimately merits. Presently, how about we dig into the captivating existence of this extraordinary Canadian lady.

Who is Diane Plese?

Diane Please is commonly known as Robert Herjavec’s previous accomplice. She was born in Parkdale, Toronto, Canada, in 1959, and as of 2024, she will be 65 years old.She has always maintained her privacy, therefore little information about her early life is available.There are few details concerning her upbringing, family, and early training.Notwithstanding, it’s accepted that her folks came from Croatia, adding a layer of social lavishness to her experience.

Diane Plese Biography

Diane Please had a somewhat calm existence until she became engaged with a conspicuous Canadian figure. Without her relationship with her ex, this article may very well never have become visible. Her inclination for security has made it hard to reveal insights regarding her initial years, like her young life and training. 

Nonetheless, what we can be sure of is that she later sought after an apprenticeship as an optician, exhibiting her commitment to her picked calling. Diane’s underlying foundations follow back to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, asserting her Canadian character.


Full NameDiane Plese
Year of Birth1959
Age65 years old (as of 2024)
Place of BirthParkdale, Toronto, Canada
Current ResidenceToronto, Canada
Height (feet/inches)5’10”
Height (centimeters)178
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBrown
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex-husbandRobert Herjavec
Net Worth$100 million
Famous forBeing Robert Herjavec’s ex-wife

Diane Plese Education

Subsequent to moving on from secondary school, Diane set out on a critical excursion by signing up for school to seek after her fantasy about turning into an eye trained professional, otherwise called an optometrist. It was not easy at all – it requested innumerable long stretches of contemplating and practice. All things considered, Diane stayed immovable in her interest. 

All through her school years, she dug profoundly into the domain of eyecare, dominating the complexities of glasses, leading eye tests, and figuring out how to guarantee the wellbeing and joy of individuals’ eyes.

Diane Plese Age

Diane Please was brought into the world in 1959 in Parkdale, Toronto, Canada, and in 2024, she’ll turn 65. No matter what her age, she esteems her protection and likes to stay under the radar. This demonstrates that there’s not much of data out there about her own life or her experience. 

She’s figured out how to keep up with this mindful way to deal with life throughout the long term, regardless of what circumstances might have come her direction.

Diane Plese Height

Fans frequently become inquisitive about the better subtleties, as Diane Plese’s level and weight. Thus, here’s the scoop: Diane stands tall at 5 feet 10 inches, or 175 centimeters, because of her steady endeavors. However, it’s not just about the numbers for her; her solid weight mirrors her general energy, character, and appearance. 

Diane weighs around 60 kilograms, around 132 pounds, yet she holds herself with a brilliant sparkle, unending energy, and a fit build – all while being a mother to three children.

Diane Plese Personal life

Diane Plese and Robert’s romantic tale started with a heartfelt romance that prompted their marriage. In any case, following 25 years together, they arrived where separation turned into a thought, a choice that profoundly impacted Robert. It appeared to be that racing into marriage might have added to the stress on their relationship. After the separation, reports surfaced about Robert battling to adapt, in any event, endeavoring to take his own life. 

In a 2015 meeting with Individuals, he transparently examined his longing to take his life, recognizing the difficulties he looked during what he depicted as a troublesome year. In spite of being perceived as extraordinary guardians, Robert alluded to the unavoidable difficulties they experienced over the long haul. Hypothesis about Robert’s extramarital relationship with Kym Johnson, his Hitting the dance floor with the Stars accomplice, powered gossipy tidbits about an approaching separation. 

This brings up issues about whether Robert was really prepared to continue on from his relationship with Diane Plese, particularly taking into account his obvious profound battles following the separation.

Diane Plese Family

Diane Plese is known for her held nature, liking to get her own life far from the public eye. Not much is been aware of her during her 24-year union with the prestigious business person, Robert Herjavec. During their time together, they set out on the excursion of bringing up three youngsters. Following their partition in 2016, Please decided to get back to Canada with her children, choosing a calm life regardless of the whirling reports and hypothesis encompassing their split. 

Diane Plese and Robert Herjavec partook in the experience of bringing up three youngsters together. Their children, Brendan, Skye, and Inclination, were named with affection, each having a unique importance. Brendan is Diane’s child, while Skye and Whim are her girls. There is by all accounts a little detail stir up, as the child’s name is referenced as Skye, however it’s probably planned to allude to Brendan.

Diane Plese Career

Diane Plese is known for her saved nature, liking to get her own life far from the public spotlight. Not much is been aware of her initial life or her close family, as she exceptionally esteems her security. Nonetheless, she was hitched to the eminent Canadian business person, Robert Herjavec, for a range of 24 years. 

Together, they set out on the excursion of bringing up three youngsters. Following their partition in 2016, Plese decided to get back to Canada with her kids, settling on a tranquil life notwithstanding the whirling bits of hearsay and hypothesis encompassing their separation.

Diane Plese Net Worth

Before Diane Plese and Robert Herjavec got hitched, they didn’t consent to a prenuptial arrangement. Presently, as indicated by the court’s choice, Diane winds up with a total assets of $25 million. 

As far as support, Robert Herjavec is expected to pay Diane a fantastic $125,000 every month. Besides, he has been requested to credit her an incredible $25 million from his legacy, a decision gave by the Ontario Prevalent Court.

Diane Plese Relationship

The subtleties of how Diane Plese and Robert Herjavec previously ran into each other stay a secret, yet their romantic tale started to unfurl during the 1980s when they began dating. In the end, they secured the bunch in 1990 and proceeded to fabricate a family together, inviting three kids during their 24-year marriage. Nonetheless, tales twirled when new insights concerning their partition arose in 2014, trailed by their separation two years after the fact. 

In spite of hypotheses about the purposes for their split, Diane decided to stay quiet, basically communicating her satisfaction with the flighty relationship dynamic and stressing the worth she put on Robert’s job as a spouse and father. After the separation, Diane got back to Canada with their kids, logical subsequent to getting a critical settlement. 

While different hypotheses coursed about the reason for their separation, especially connecting it to Robert’s appearance on “Hitting the dance floor with the Stars” and his supposed contribution with proficient artist Kym Johnson, these cases have never been affirmed.


Birth and Background: Diane Plese was born in 1959 in Parkdale, Toronto, Canada, making her 65 years old as of 2024. Little is known about her early life, upbringing, or family, as she values her privacy.

Professional Career: Diane Plese pursued a career as an optometrist, demonstrating her dedication to her chosen profession. Despite her marriage to Robert Herjavec, she has made significant contributions to the field of optometry, earning praise and recognition.

Marriage and Family: Diane Plese was married to Robert Herjavec, a Canadian-Croatian TV personality, for 24 years. Together, they raised three children. However, their marriage ended in divorce in 2016.

Divorce Settlement: Following the divorce, Diane Plese received a significant settlement, including a net worth of $25 million and monthly alimony payments of $125,000 from Robert Herjavec. Additionally, she was loaned $25 million from Robert’s inheritance as per the Ontario Superior Court’s decision.

Privacy and Resilience: Despite her former high-profile marriage, Diane Plese prefers to keep her personal life out of the public spotlight. She has navigated challenges with resilience and has chosen to maintain a quiet life in Canada with her children after the divorce.


Diane Plese is a Canadian optometrist known for her privacy and resilience. Born in 1959 in Parkdale, Toronto, she pursued a career in optometry and later married Robert Herjavec. Their 24-year marriage ended in divorce in 2016, resulting in a significant settlement for Diane. Despite the challenges, she has chosen to maintain a quiet life in Canada with her children.


What is Diane Plese’s profession?

Diane Plese is an optometrist, demonstrating her commitment to the field of eyecare.

How long was Diane Plese married to Robert Herjavec?

Diane Plese was married to Robert Herjavec, a Canadian-Croatian TV personality, for 24 years.

What was the outcome of Diane Plese’s divorce from Robert Herjavec?

Following their divorce, Diane Plese received a significant settlement, including a net worth of $25 million and monthly alimony payments of $125,000 from Robert Herjavec. Additionally, she was loaned $25 million from Robert’s inheritance.

Where does Diane Plese currently reside?

Diane Plese currently resides in Toronto, Canada, maintaining a private life away from the public spotlight.

How many children does Diane Plese have?

Diane Plese and Robert Herjavec have three children together: Brendan, Skye, and Caprice.

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