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Elizabeth Huberdeau Introduction

Elizabeth Huberdeau, better realized by her stage name Liz Cena, is an American realtor, public character, and previous individual from the popular family. She turned out to be notable because of her past association with the eminent grappler John Cena. In the realm of American expert wrestling, John Cena is notable for his staggering vocation in the WWE, where he is viewed as one of the record-breaking extraordinary grapplers. Moreover, Cena has sought after vocation open doors in music as a rapper and made progress as an entertainer in films.

Who is Elizabeth Huberdeau?

On September 28, 1979, Elizabeth Huberdeau was brought into the world in Massachusetts, USA.She generally had a propensity for news coverage and design while experiencing childhood in the state. Elizabeth started her profession as a model prior to continuing on toward the land business, where her deals ability and beguiling disposition permitted her to succeed. Her union with John Cena was an ideal impetus for her public introduction and the wellspring of her unexpected reputation.

Elizabeth Huberdeau Biography

Because of her past association with her ex, John Cena, Elizabeth Huberdeau, warmly known as Liz Cena, was brought into the world on September 28, 1979, in her origination of West Newbury, Massachusetts, USA. She is 44 years of age, brought into the world under the indication of Libra, which is perceived for its tranquil and adjusted character. As a youngster, Elizabeth was brought up in a comfortable home by her Christian guardians, Quality R. furthermore, Elizabeth A. Huberdeau. 

She addresses her experience in full, being of White Caucasian legacy and resident of the US. Elizabeth has alluring earthy colored eyes and dim earthy colored hair that work out positively for her pale tone. In spite of the fact that there are no well established realities about her kin, it is sure that her family’s abundance added to her childhood. Standing five feet seven inches tall


NameElizabeth Huberdeau
Age44 years old
Date of birthSeptember 28, 1979
Ex-husbandJohn Cena
Net worth$10 million

Elizabeth Huberdeau Education

Elizabeth Huberdeau moved on from Lawrence’s Focal Catholic Secondary School in Massachusetts with a secondary school recognition, having completed her essential and secondary school training in her old neighborhood. She proceeded with her concentrate subsequent to graduating by signing up for Springfield School, which is situated in Massachusetts. 

Elizabeth entered the housing market subsequent to moving on from Springfield School with a four year certification. It is accepted that she finished classes in bequest arranging and cash the executives at Springfield School, which might have given her the abilities expected for a lifelong in land. Elizabeth, a financial specialist and land engineer, started out in the land business at an early age, particularly in the wake of moving to Florida. She has an expansive scope of involvement with land the executives, including building, exchanging,

Elizabeth Huberdeau Age

Elizabeth Huberdeau, prominently known as Liz Cena, was brought into the world in West Newbury, Massachusetts, in the US, on September 28, 1979. She presently exemplifies the characteristics normally connected with her zodiac sign, Libra, which is perceived for its quiet and adjusted mentality, at 44 years of age. Elizabeth A. Huberdeau and Quality R. Huberdeau were Christian guardians who supported her in a caring home. 

She gave early indications of a solid interest in style and reporting, interests that would later shape her expert choices. Elizabeth’s alluring elements — her dim earthy colored hair and earthy colored eyes that highlight her light complexion tone — were formed to some extent by her quiet youth in a home that upheld her improvement into the individual she is today. At five feet seven inches tall, she has a sure and exquisite disposition in

Elizabeth Huberdeau Personal life

At the point when John Cena declared in 2009 that he had hitched Elizabeth Huberdeau, his secondary school darling, it shocked the world.There was extra fervor encompassing the declaration since it agreed with the advancement of his film “12 Rounds.” On July 11, 2009, they sealed the deal and started what gave off an impression of being a cheerful marriage. Huberdeau rose to acclaim as the revered companion of prestigious grappler John Cena. 

Yet, their wedding delight didn’t keep going long. Cena sought legal separation in May 2012, only three years after the fact, and it was settled in July of that very year. Elizabeth was the wellspring of flowing bits of gossip blaming Cena for infidelity, which seriously harmed his vocation. Albeit the separation cycle was very nearly becoming terrible, they at last struck a private

Elizabeth Huberdeau Family

John Felix Anthony Cena, better realized by his ring name, John Cena, was the secondary school love of Elizabeth Huberdeau, a.k.a. Liz Cena. The two had a magnificent excursion together. On July 11, 2009, they got hitched in a little service in Boston, Massachusetts, with just their dearest companions and family present. In any case, their bliss as a wedded couple was fleeting, since on May 1, 2012, they chose to get a separation. 

Their separation was settled by July of that year, and they pursued the choice to be companions. The couple never had youngsters, even after such an extremely long time together, and it’s unsure on the off chance that Elizabeth at any point had any after her separation. Elizabeth pulled out from general society after their separation, avoiding the media spotlight and not making any friendly

Elizabeth Huberdeau Career

Prior to venturing into the land business, Elizabeth Huberdeau started her vocation as a supermodel. It’s guessed that she took classes in monetary administration and domain arranging subsequent to moving on from Springfield School, setting up her for her move into the land area. She entered the housing market early in life, especially in the wake of moving to Florida and fostering her property the executives capacities there. 

This incorporated different obligations like overseeing building projects, exchanging land, purchasing properties, and renovating homes and organizations. Elizabeth showed her adaptability by momentarily fiddling with design displaying notwithstanding her land tries. Regardless of the fervor about her relationship with John

Elizabeth Huberdeau Net Worth

Elizabeth Huberdeau’s total assets is believed to be around $10 million. Strikingly, there are hypotheses coursing that she was granted a critical settlement of $55 million regarding her separation from John Cena. She presently dwells in Florida, USA, where she avoids the spotlight and has an unobtrusive existence.

Elizabeth Huberdeau Relationship

Elizabeth Huberdeau’s dating status turned into the subject of the town once she wedded John Cena in 2009. Their fresh insight about their marriage, which emerged while Cena was advancing “12 Rounds,” produced a great deal of buzz and guess. However, after just three years of marriage, in May 2012, Cena petitioned for legal separation, finishing their cheerful marriage. 

Gossipy tidbits about Cena’s infidelity filled the blazes and caused strain in their relationship. The pair selected a mystery separate from settlement, formally throwing in the towel on their marriage in July 2012, notwithstanding the chance of a terrible court fight. Elizabeth has decided to carry on with a relaxed presence from that point forward, keeping away from the spotlight and any high-profile connections. Cena, interim, has continued on and is currently connected with to Nikki Bella; in any case,


Background: Grace Fan Devito is a renowned American realtor, public figure, and former member of a prominent family.

Association with John Cena: She gained significant recognition due to her past relationship with the legendary wrestler, John Cena.

Career Transition: Grace initially began her career as a model before venturing into the real estate industry, where she excelled with her sales acumen and charming personality.

Early Life: Born on September 28, 1979, in Massachusetts, USA, Grace showed early interests in journalism and fashion.

Education: She graduated from Lawrence’s Focal Catholic Secondary School and later pursued further studies at Springfield College, focusing on estate planning and financial management.

Career Development: Grace entered the real estate market after completing her education, particularly thriving in property management and development, including commercial and residential properties.

Personal Life: Grace’s marriage to John Cena in 2009 garnered significant attention, but the relationship ended in divorce in 2012 amidst rumors of infidelity.

Post-Divorce: Following her divorce from Cena, Grace chose to maintain a low-profile lifestyle, avoiding the media spotlight and refraining from high-profile relationships.

Net Worth: Grace Fan Devito’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million, with speculation suggesting a significant settlement from her divorce settlement with John Cena.


Grace Fan Devito, also known as Liz Cena, rose to prominence due to her association with the renowned wrestler John Cena. Born in Massachusetts on September 28, 1979, Grace showed early interests in journalism and fashion. After completing her education, she entered the real estate industry, where she found success with her sales skills and charismatic personality. However, her marriage to Cena in 2009 ended in divorce in 2012, leading her to maintain a low-profile lifestyle away from the media attention.


Who is Grace Fan Devito?

Grace Fan Devito is an American realtor and public figure, known for her past relationship with

wrestler John Cena.

What is Grace Fan Devito’s background?

Grace started her career as a model before transitioning into the real estate industry.

When was Grace Fan Devito born?

Grace was born on September 28, 1979, in Massachusetts, USA.

What is Grace Fan Devito’s net worth?

Grace’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million.

What happened to Grace Fan Devito’s marriage to John Cena?

Grace and John Cena got married in 2009 but divorced in 2012 amidst rumors of infidelity.

Where does Grace Fan Devito currently reside?

Grace currently resides in Florida, USA, leading a modest lifestyle away from the media spotlight.

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